Vikings: War of Clans is a mobile 3D strategy MMO available on iOS and Android. It comes from a long line of Plarium-created strategy games that maintain a similar gameplay formula: a focus on base-building, resource management, and troop distribution that is well-balanced early on. Vikings: War of Clans is a highly polished, modern version of many of Plarium’s older games such as Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War, bringing the full browser strategy experience to mobile with fantastic graphics that set it apart from the mass of mobile strategy games. It offers most of the standard features players would expect from an MMORTS as well, including Clan warfare, a Hero system coupled with robust equipment crafting, multiple research trees and specializations, tons of units to choose from, and brutal PvP action. Its theme also sets it apart from other MMORTS games, which are more commonly placed in medieval and modern settings, adding to its uniqueness as a Viking-themed game.

Vikings: War of Clans Key Features:

  • Traditional City-Building Gameplay – Construct and fortify a multitude of buildings, including a Palace, Hero’s Abode, and Oracle building that support your militaristic efforts.
  • Massive Amount of Units – Train Mercenaries, Horsemen, Archers, Stalkers, Shieldmaidens, Demons and more to bravely face your foes.
  • Heroes and Equipment Crafting – Customize a Hero by allocating their skills and equipping them with crafted armor from the Forge.
  • Join a Clan – Join a group of like-minded warriors in the battle for the Places of Power and the top of the ranking boards.
  • Global PvP – Fight over Places of Power with other Clans, reigning dominant when your Clan conquers it.

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