World of Warcraft Here To Stay

Gamers of all stripes have certainly heard of Blizzard’s highly-successful, 15-year-old (and counting) MMORPG World of Warcraft. Millions upon millions of players have invested their money and time into this game since its launch in 2004, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

Its beloved cartoony art style, nostalgic (and ever-expanding) world, and its veritable mountain of playable content have allowed it to continue running well past the day many naysayers assumed it would die off.

World of Warcraft truly has something for just about everyone. If you enjoy working together with other players, then delve into one of the game’s frantic and challenging end-game raids to see how many bosses you can slay. If you prefer to show your skill in a more confrontational way, there’s plenty of PvP action as well, in the form of Battlegrounds, Arenas, and the unpredictable, open-world (but now opt-in) PvP the game was once famous for.

Alternatively, you can kick back with some of WoW’s less-intense activities, such as fishing, cooking, exploration, mount and pet collecting, or even story progression. With the launch of World of Warcraft: Classic earlier this year, the WoW IP expanded its reach even further.

Aiming to replicate the game in its original “vanilla” launch state, Classic has generated quite a bit of buzz in the MMO community and pulled in far more players than Blizzard could have anticipated. Players love the back-to-basics gameplay, not to mention the return of many removed features, items, quests, and class abilities.

The graphics aren’t the best in comparison to the live game, but Classic is a fantastic alternative to WoW proper for anyone who wants a slower, more difficult (and arguably more rewarding) MMO experience. Whichever version of the game you choose to try out, you likely won’t be disappointed.


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